Your Complete Guide to Mindfulness Training for Children With ADHD

If you have ever heard about mindfulness before, you are probably aware that it equips children with ADHD with the strength to control their body and mind. The chances are that you are also curious to know how they can get started with mindfulness. Mindfulness training can help children with ADHD get started with their mindfulness journey. What’s more, it will enhance their attention span and reduce negative thoughts. 

Here is everything you ought to know about Mindfulness training for children with ADHD, according to Palina School.

Focus on Breathing

The first thing you can do to teach children with ADHD to practice mindfulness meditation is to encourage them to focus on breathing. You can use a toy to make things easy. Kindly request the child to lie down and place the toy on their stomach. You can ask the child to breathe in and out slowly, observing the toy’s movement. After that, discuss the movement of the toy with them. 

Choose Convenient Time

Children with ADHD are easily distracted. It is advisable to pick a convenient time when there are fewer distractions. You also need to make them comfortable while they practice mindfulness meditation. Remember to keep each session short for maximum results. 

Encourage Them to Practice Meditation While Performing Basic Tasks

You don’t want your child to remain in the same position for a long time. That is why you should teach them to practice meditation while performing basic tasks like walking, jogging, brushing, or playing. All you have to do is remind your child to pay attention to their body, mind, and surroundings. You can also ask them to focus on their breathing and walk straight even if they are tempted not to. Make sure that they practice every day to build consistency.

Final Thoughts

Mindfulness training can help children with ADHD with the mental strength to overcome challenges and live a happy life. It can also help your children learn how to control their thoughts, body, and mind. You have to teach them how to practice mindfulness meditation when performing basic tasks like walking, jogging, playing, or running. Also, encourage them to focus on breathing and avoid distractions while meditating. 
Finding the right mindfulness trainer will help perfect your skills. That’s why you should think about the trainer’s expertise and personality before deciding. It would be best if you also consider your mindfulness level and desired goals.