Transitioning to an International School in Thailand? How to Make it Work 

Like many expatriates, you are probably moving to Thailand due to the excellent weather and favorable economic conditions. After finding the best international schools in Thailand, it is time to prepare your child for the first day. Whether it is high school or elementary, your child might find it hard to adapt to the new setting. 

Luckily, Palina School is sharing these tips to prepare your child for the first day at school.

Encourage Your Child to Speak About it

The first thing you can do to help your child transition to a Thailand international school is to encourage them to speak about it. Encourage your child to be honest about their feelings. You can also ask them what they are worried about and what they are looking forward to. This will help you address your child’s fears. 

Make the First Day at School Special

After speaking about the child’s experience, you should go ahead to make things extra special for him or her. Do you have a first day at school tradition? If you do, today is the day to practice them. If not, you can always make it extra special by preparing a special breakfast or taking your child out for dinner after school. You can also visit, or video call a relative. 

Encourage Your Child to Make New Friends

Friends can make the transition quick and easy. That’s why you should encourage your child to make new friends as early as possible. The ideal way of doing that is by motivating him or her to join a sports club or an academic group. You can also ask them to attend day camps and excursions to meet new people. 

Take a Tour of the School

Make things easier for your child by touring the school before the big day. When you get there, talk with the teachers and administration to discover how things are done in the new school. You can also let the teachers know about your child’s past school and request them to offer any helpful suggestions. 

Final Thoughts

It is essential to ensure that your child adapts to the new setting as soon as possible. You can do that by encouraging him to make new friends. Better yet, visit the school to understand how things are done. 

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