Discover Why Mindfulness Meditation is Good for Kids

Mindfulness meditation has become a widespread practice in many international schools in Thailand. It is no surprise that parents are also embracing mindfulness meditation. But is mindfulness meditation good for kids?

Read on to discover what the pros at Palina School think about mindfulness meditation for kids.

Improved Sleep Quality
Studies say that mindfulness meditation can improve sleep quality by helping students to calm down after a long day. Parents and teachers can teach children how to practice mindfulness meditation to reduce anxiety and boost calmness. Evidence also suggests that mindfulness can improve sleep by reducing negative thoughts and stress.

Improves Social Skills
Mindfulness meditation can boost social skills in children by improving relationship satisfaction. Empirical evidence shows that children who practice mindfulness meditation are better equipped to handle disagreements and stress. Not only that, but such students are also better at settling disputes and communicating their emotions.

Improved Cognitive Flexibility
Children who practice mindfulness meditation consistently also tend to have better cognitive flexibility than those who don’t. According to studies, mindfulness meditation can improve cognitive flexibility by improving self-observation and listening skills. Additionally, it activates the mind and improves memory.

Better Emotional Control
Studies also show that children who practice mindfulness meditation daily have more emotional intelligence than those who don’t. As children practice mindfulness meditation, they are better placed to disengage from stressful situations and emotionally upsetting thoughts. Moreover, such kids are also more likely to focus on the positives.

Improved Overall well-Being
Scientists have discovered that mindfulness meditation can improve overall well-being and physical health. According to studies, those who practice mindfulness meditation daily are equipped to deal with stress and diseases. Moreover, they will likely have low blood pressure and improved sleep quality.

Improved Mental Health
Over the years, scientists have shown that practicing mindfulness meditation consistently might lead to improved mental health. Encouraging your kids to practice mindfulness meditation will help them better deal with conflicts, stress, and anxiety. It can also help them to overcome substance abuse and eating disorders.

Every parent should encourage their kids to practice mindfulness meditation to improve their cognitive flexibility and overall well-being. Encouraging your child to practice mindfulness meditation will also enhance their mental health and emotional intelligence.